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Shenzhen Temptor Technology Co., Ltd. (MTOM) is a software company specialising in computer image processing and application with 20 years of expertise in the development of computer image processing algorithms and IT architecture. MTOM has developed large mould temperature monitoring systems that can support up to 12 infrared cameras, such as the TPT-5000 series, TPT-6000 series, TPT-7000 series, and TPT-8000 series, to meet the temperature control requirements during the integrated moulding of large automobile components. Additionally, MTOM originated the monitoring modes of 3+2, 4+2, 4+3, and 4+4 to satisfy the monitoring requirements of die casting machines ranging from 1,2000T to 5,000T.

Up to date, MTOM has provided several NEV makers and renowned large die casting enterprises in China with real-time online monitoring systems and integrated body components cast by 6,600t, 7,200t, and 9,000t die casting machines – a real-time online mould temperature monitoring solution for the front compartment and rear floor. In addition, MTOM has been highly recognised by reputable Japanese die casting enterprises in China for its success in supporting real-time mould temperature monitoring during the production of engine blocks. Based on the professional infrared real-time online mould temperature monitoring system, MTOM is supporting the current die casting production of the integrated body components for NEVs.

MTOM is dedicated to offering accurate mould temperature monitoring solutions for large die casting moulds!

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    Serve for the enterprise wholeheartedly

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    To become the industry benchmark to revitalize the national industry

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    pragmatic hard work and struggle

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